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Why are Memory Foam Mattresses So Hot?

Why are Memory Foam Mattresses So Hot?

The therapeutic values of memory foam mattresses cannot be overstated but one of most common complaints about them is that they cause heat problems. Overheating while you sleep are some of the key reasons why people have trouble falling asleep at night. Night sweats are uncomfortable and cause the body to toss and turn, interrupting sleep. Major memory foam mattress companies have not done a very good job of updating their memory foam technology to address this problem.

The first issue is why. Why is the memory foam mattress hot? A lot of it has to do with whether the mattress uses open cell or closed cell foam. The more open the cell, the better the ability of the foam to transfer the air pressure to adjoining cells to provide extra support. Without an open cell memory foam mattress, the bed will push back when you lie down because the air pressure has not where to go. An open cell memory foam mattress like the Delia 8″ Plush Top Memory Foam Mattress creates a breathable strucutre that dissipates heat that would normally get trapped under your body and keeps you cool while increasing comfort.

Memory foam mattress heat problems have spurred the development of gel memory foam mattresses to stop the mattress from becoming so hot. Gel memory foam adds a cool layer of gel fiber in the mattress which is not only very comfortable but cools the memory foam down. Companies like Tempur-Pedic debate the viability of gel memory foam, but as long as the gel is placed near the top of the mattress, like the Fairfield 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress, the gel will add a cooling effect.

Memory Foam Heat Topper

A mattress topper like the LuxaRest 3″ Gel Enhanced Memory Foam Topper will keep any bed cool.

Now some of you might be thinking, “but I already own a mattress, what can I do about my overheating problems now?” There is still hope. A gel memory foam mattress topper, like the 3″ LuxaRest Mattress Topper, will add that cooling gel fiber to any mattress without having to buy a whole new mattress.

While the gel goes a long way to cool memory foam, it is important to have a channel venting system as well. A bed like the Avalon 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress includes both the gel and a Stay Cool Channel Venting system which sculpts an air circulation system into the foam. The ventilation allows the hot air to escape from the bed and away from your body keeping the bed cool and preventing perspiration.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Avalon 13″ Gel Enhanced Memory Foam Mattress has a cooling layer of gel and a Stay Cool Channel Venting System to keep the memory foam mattress from overheating.

Now sweat can be a big problem. It’s not just uncomfortable but can create an environment for microorganisms and make your sleep surface unhygienic. It is important to have a anti-microbrial rayon fabric cover like the one included on the Luna 12″ Plush Top Memory Foam Mattress which is made of bamboo fibers that naturally wick away moisture from the skin keepiing you dry through the night.

The Luna also includes COOLMAX Comfort fabric which is engineered to enhance drying and encourage breathability. Normally used in athletic apparrel, COOLMAX Comfort allows air to move in, increasing the evaporation rate of sweat, dissipating moisture and creating a cool, dry sleeping surface. See for more details on this amazing technology. Sweat is not just a problem for hot sleepers, perspiration can keep induce chills during the colder winter months.

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